Day 64

Whew! I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm this weekend. I had been longingly eying this olive oil bread recipe and had started the dough the night before. In the morning, I baked it along with starting a curried lentil soup to have for lunch. I was going the be outside in the cold during the afternoon and wanted to get a head start on being warm!

Wow! I’ve tried several bread recipes before, but this one is quite good. I used a particularly flavorful olive oil and the bread was so tasty and satisfying to dunk into the soup. Thanks to the soup, we are now out of brown lentils! We still have a few other legumes in the pantry.

For dinner, we got around to using that sushi rice and nori. There was sweet potato-mushroom and avocado-honey roasted peanuts sushi. Why is sushi so satisfying? Maybe because it’s so beautiful.


2 responses to “Day 64

  1. Marieke van Vugt

    that’s a really interesting idea to put peanuts in your sushi! I should try that!

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