Day 63

“I really want potatoes, ” N tells me in the morning. “I’ve just been craving them for some reason. Oh. And I’m tired of beans.” Well, at this point in our challenge, it means only one thing–seitan.

So, N whipped up some seitan this morning and I made buffalo seitan ‘wings’ by pan frying the seitan on both sides and then simmering in a sriracha/tomato paste sauce. Yep. Kind of awesome.

I also baked some home fries in the oven and took a dent out of that cabbage to make a quick slaw which both complimented the spiciness of the seitan.

N made heavenly chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

We are also running low on quick frozen food to have in the house in case hunger hits before either of us have the energy to cook anything. Someone had suggested a recipe for black bean-quinoa burgers. I thought this was a neat idea, especially since we have a lot of quinoa in the house and some cooked black beans in the fridge. I did add an extra grated carrot and about a cup of wheat gluten because we like chewy burgers. To form the burgers, I scooped half a cup onto an oil baking sheet and pressed them out into a nice burger shape and baked on both sides for 15 minutes.

I think they came out delightful and I think they’ll be making an appearance again!


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